When submitting or mailing your application, you will also need to supply the following items:

  1. Complete Resume.
  2. A brief biography listing all Christian and secular accomplishments.
  3. Copies of all degrees, transcripts, certificates, and other documentation.
  4. Enrollment Application Fee - $50.00 (non-refundable)
  5. Tuition Down Payment 
  6. First (1st) Month Payment


Upon receipt of your application form and the other requested items, they will be assessed and compared with the requirements necessary to complete the degree program selected. Any additional information will need to be filled in.


About 1-2 weeks after receipt of your materials, we will send you a letter of acceptance and a list of what is needed to fulfill the requirements of the desired degree.


All students will have access to the "Student Help Forum" link on the website for assistance during your program study. 


Please contact the Administration Division in reference to questions about your enrollment process and to assist you in completing any remaining requirements. Some of the ways this may be done are listed under, How Credit is Earned.


The New Covenant International Bible College offers 100% Internet Online and Distant Learning (correspondence) Programs. We have an open door policy. The student may begin their degree program at any time. Students may complete the degree program at their own pace. Once completed and all financial obligations have been met, the degree will be awarded.


NCIBC will accept credits earned at any recognized university, college, or institution, if appropriate to the desired degree program. You will need to submit certified transcripts. Unofficial copies of transcripts are acceptable for purposes of the application, but official copies are required before credit is granted toward the degree. The credit will not be accepted if it has been previously used in fulfillment of any prior degree.


We recommend that you contact the school, organization, agency, entity, etc., of your interest to receive information in reference to acceptance policies.  As with the NCIBC, most reserve the right to have the final determination on the transfer ability of coursework for credits and the acceptance of degrees. Per request, we will provide applicable information accordingly.  This should be done before enrolling in any degree program.